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Is It Normal for Gutters to Overflow in Heavy Rain?
Here in Rochester, we're no strangers to heavy downpours. While gutters are designed to handle a good amount of rain, seeing them overflow during a storm can feel alarming. Is this a sign that your gutters are failing, or is it sometimes to be expected? At High Falls Property Care, we're often asked...
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Why Standing Water in Gutters is Bad for Your Home
Your gutters are a hero, protecting your home from the relentless onslaught of rain and snowmelt. That is, if they're working correctly! Standing water in your gutters is a red flag that something's wrong. It might seem harmless, but the consequences can be surprisingly damaging, not only to your gu...
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Why Shouldn't My Grass Grow Too Long?
At High Falls Property Care in Rochester, NY, we often receive inquiries about the best lawn maintenance practices. One of the most common concerns is the impact of letting grass grow too long. While it might seem harmless to let your lawn get a little wild, overgrown grass can lead to a variety of ...
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How to Fix a Broken Fence Board
Fences add privacy, security, and a finishing touch to your Rochester property. But weather, accidents, and everyday wear and tear can take their toll. Broken fence boards are an eyesore, and they weaken your fence's overall integrity. Don't worry! Often, fixing a broken fence board is a project mos...
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How Often Do You Need a Gutter Cleaning
Clogged gutters are a homeowner's headache. Overflowing water can damage siding, landscaping, even your foundation – undoing all your hard work at keeping your Rochester home in top shape! But how often do you really need to climb that ladder and get dirty to prevent these problems? At High Falls ...
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How Much Does Basement Framing Cost?
Turning your unfinished basement into usable living space is an exciting upgrade for any Rochester homeowner. Not only do you gain valuable square footage, but you also add to your home's overall value. Basement framing is the essential first step in this transformation, creating the basic structure...
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What is the Cost of a Deck in 2024?
Building a deck is an investment that promises to transform your backyard into a functional and inviting extension of your living space. Whether you envision intimate gatherings under the stars or lively barbecues with friends, a well-designed deck unlocks a world of possibilities. But before diving...
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Deck Maintenance & Care
Here at High Falls Property Care, we understand the joy a deck brings to your Rochester home. It's an extension of your living space, a place for summer barbecues, lazy afternoons with a book, and laughter-filled evenings with friends. But you need deck maintenance to keep your deck strong and beaut...
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Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing
For any homeowner, maintaining a clean and beautiful exterior is a top priority. Curb appeal not only enhances your property value but also reflects pride in your surroundings. However, when it comes to cleaning your home's exterior surfaces, choosing the right method can be tricky. Two popular opti...
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Best Home Maintenance Tips
Your home is your sanctuary, a place of comfort, security, and relaxation. But even the sturdiest structures require some TLC to maintain their beauty, functionality, and value. Regular home maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs, extending the lifespan of your systems and appliances, and e...
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